Friday, January 30, 2009

Jays Back Slide with Medications

You may not have noted that Jay will not be hosting this blog with me after all. He is doing his own blog instead. When I get his URL, I will post it in the blog lists. So I will write what I have seen happen with him instead.

I had last given my testimony to what happens when you go off your medications. I will share Jay's side now. It is a mistake to go off of medications without the aid of a doctor without a doubt. Jay had decided to take a leap of faith and go off of his pills. He felt he was ready for it, and in complete control. Big mistake!!!

At first all seemed well when he stopped his medications. He hadn't told us he was doing it. I finally realized and approached him about it and asked him if he was taking his medication. He finally fessed up to it. I asked him to please get back with his doc, but he refused. He was unable to see the changes in himself. I tried reasoning with him, but by that point it was too late.

Eventually he became moody. His mood strings were like being on a roller coaster. He was indecisive often. One minute he would seem happy, the next just blatantly mean and cranky. No patience what so ever. It's hard to live with someone like that, but when you've lived with the ups and downs, and you love your children, you learn to deal with it. We did get in a few squabbles though.

This went on for a while until finally he agreed to go talk to his doctor. By this point he had become so paranoid. He was going to hang foil over his windows, do something to his door, and make himself a foil hat to block out all the enemies. He was terrified. He didn't even trust us any more. When he sat and told us later on what he had been going through, we were shocked.

So as you can see. From both of us, we've experienced what it is like to go off your medication cold turkey and not be under the care of psychiatric doctors. If you feel you can make it without taking medications anymore, Please, Please, Please, reconsider this step. Talk to a physician first. It could mean your life. A person can suffer a heart attack when going it alone. You can anyhow, but at least you are under the care of a physician.

Jay knows what it is like to go off of them, on them, off again, back again. It totally messes up your systems. Each time the effects worsen. Your disorder worsens each time as well. Suicide is high here on the list as well. Jay had made that attempt once a few years back when he went off his meds on his own. It's frightening for them, and ever more so for us who are watching. Hopefully Jay will write more on this subject on his blog, as it is a very important message to hear.
Thanks to all of you. Much love and blessings sent your way.

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