Saturday, February 7, 2009

Message on Abilify

Our son had started about three weeks ago on a different drug to replace Zyprexa. He had been gaining a lot of weight and started feeling out of control again. His doctor put him on Abilify. The first week he started to feel great, then a week later felt out of sorts again and went back in. His medication needed to be raised. He was back on track. Then it hit, he hit a very high peak and then dropped. He was having thoughts again. He wasn't hearing sounds and voices any more though. That is a blessing.

Of course the doctor couldn't tell him before it happened, as it doesn't always happen this way, plus you don't want to tell a patient ahead of time as they may start thinking they are having that experience.

Note: Those who may be schizophrenic and reading this, remember if you are just starting out on Abilify, this does not always happen, so please don't start looking for things. I was hesitant for writing this for that very reason, but also wanted to help others that live with someone or know of someone with this disorder to be aware and know what's going on.

Thankfully Jay knew something wasn't right and called his doctor. Come to find out, this is a normal reaction for some to experience when first starting out. He knew that he was possibly be going to head to the "Whacky Shack" as he fondly jokes about it. He was worried about that, as he hates being there. She was impressed that he was aware of the fact that there was a good chance of this happening.

Anyway, when a person is starting out on Abilify, there is a chance of them reaching a very high peak. It's important to get in when this is happening, as all that needs to happen is have the dose raised a little more to bring them back down and level off. And of course we need to keep a close eye on him. But, Praise the Lord, he is almost back to normal. We just pray this is the only adjustments he will need and will be good to go.

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