Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Autism Information

My husband just sent me a very interesting site on autism. It really depicts what my grandson has started doing. You can read the information here and click on links to watch videos. There are other links as well.

This was an eye opener for me. I had no idea that aspergers meant pretty much autism. When picking him up from school yesterday, I was greeted by a one of his teachers. Unfortunately, there school is not set up to deal with this type of behavior. His main teacher has been rude towards him and us. Now this one is the same way. There is only one that has the patience with him. Believe me, I'm not putting the teachers down, as I know they have a tough job. What I do mean is, if you can't handle it, then let the parents know so they can get him into classes that can.

Anyway, the teacher was frustrated and irritated. She told me that Cee refused to do his work again and proceeded to yell, "I'm not doing it," getting louder each time until he had a full blown temper tantrum. She said it was the worst she had seen him yet. I just stood there and didn't know what to say, other than the parents are finally looking into the situation and he will hopefully get the help he needs soon. She then told me that they would be discussing that at their meeting with the parents today. He's failing once again.

So, his attitude continued on home. He likes to wear sports jackets with shirt and tie. When we arrived at home, he wanted to go outside. I told him to take his jacket off and wear his coat. He tried to argue, but this time I won with patience. Whew! But a little later, he had come in, snuck his jacket and went outside and put it on taking off his coat. He came back in to talk to his dad and I caught him. When I approached him, he took off. I finally talked him into coming back to me. I wasn't about to chase him. He started to stomp his feet, thrash his arms and scream at me. The whole way back to the house. I grabbed a hold of his hand and led him into the house and calmly told him that he could not wear it outside. He proceeded to throw a fit saying, I want to wear it." Finally with his dad standing there, I said, then it's up to your dad. His dad thankfully backed me up. He proceeded to get angry. I finally got it off him, and then quickly changed the subject and made it a game. He stopped throwing his fit, started giggling and we solved the problem.

An important lesson was learned here. It's very important to stay calm no matter what. Change the subject as quickly as possible and usually this will get their attention. It doesn't always work, but usually. They need a distraction when upset. It does take a lot of patience when working with an autistic child. I'm beginning to realize that my youngest grand daughter probably has the same problem. I'm hoping not, but she throws some horrible, horrible tantrums. Dealing with two of them in one household can really prove challenging.

So anyone with more information on how they work with this type of disability would be greatly appreciated. The more we share with one another the better the outcome for all. Especially since it cost $20,000 a week for a therapist! Now days, who can afford that? Insurance does not cover it. How are people suppose to get their children help at those costs unless they are rich? Okay, this is another subject, sorry.


Anonymous said...

that is true, though I have not have any experience with autism. My cousin has a mental illness, but other than that, I don't live with it.

Lauren Ann

and thanks for all the comments on my blog.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Thank you for visiting Lauren Ann. What type of mental illness does your cousin have? I hope he is doing alright with it.

And you are welcome!